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Taurus PT101 Review

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Taurus PT 100Here’s a nice video review of the Taurus PT101 Semi-Automatic pistol. The Taurus PT101 is basically identical to the PT92 but chambered for the .40 Smith & Wesson round. Actually the PT101 is identical to the PT99 based on its adjustable sights. Taurus makes this particular gun in 9mm with fixed sights (PT92), 9mm with adjustable sights (PT99), .40S&W with fixed sights (PT100), and .40S&W with adjustable sights (PT101). There are many different finish options as well. These guns are well known as reliable Beretta clones as Taurus took possession of the Beretta factory in Brazil back in the 80’s. There are a few differences that I personally prefer on the Taurus models. The main difference being the frame mounted safety/decocker as opposed to Beretta’s slide mounted safety. You can find a Taurus PT100 here!

Review of the Taurus PT101 and the .40 s&w round. My second video on this pistol hopefully giving a better overall review.

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