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Review Of Taurus Model 92

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Here is an honest review of the Taurus Model 92 by its owner. The Taurus 92 has become a very popular gun since its appearance on the market in the late 80’s. The Taurus 92 is almost identical to the Beretta 92 with a few differences. The Beretta features a slide mounted safety/decocker while Taurus chooses to place these controls on the frame. This is the major visual difference in the two handguns as they are nearly identical in every other way. As the story goes, Beretta sold their Brazilian factory to Taurus complete with machinery, plans, documents, and even a factory work force. They began making their own model 92 shortly thereafter. Check out the Taurus 92 here!

Taurus Firearms

I have owned this gun for approximately six months and I am quite satisfied with it. It has never failed to fire or load/eject. It is fun to shoot overall and with a stunning potential for accuracy *shooter willing :-)*, it’s good for virtually any application. Except discreet concealed carry.

My final opinion of this firearm is 10/10, hands down.

Also, don’t waste your money on the Beretta – this gun is the better value by a long shot. Iw

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