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Beretta 92 Compact Review

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Great video review of the Beretta 92 FC Compact 9mm pistol. This is a real comprehensive review on this sweet downsized handgun and at 36 minutes long, it covers just about everything. The 92 FC is a pared down version of the full sized model 92 with a shorter barrel and grip. It shares many of the features of its big brother like the open slide, ambidextrous safety and decocker lever, and general shape and profile. The nice thing about the Beretta 92 FC Compact is its role as a CCW (concealed carry weapon). This is mainly due to the shorter grip profile and since the 92 FC shares its cross-sectional shape, most holsters for the full size Model 92 will fit the Compact. The Beretta 92 FC Compact is no longer in production but can still be found on the secondary markets. Take a look at the new Beretta 92A1 Pistol here!

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Desktop review of my Beretta 92FC 9mm compact pistol – italian made.

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