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Beretta 92FS vs Glock

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Beretta 92Here is a great comparison of the Glock 19 and the Beretta 92FS. They are both 9mm and hold a decent amount of ammo (15-17 rounds typically) and are similar in size as far as outward dimension is concerned. Both models are very reliable and the Beretta has the distinction of being chosen some years ago as the official sidearm of the US Military. I like the fact that these handguns are compared side to side as choosing the right weapon is a very personal choice and many times, with all other things being equal, I am drawn to one or another based on the asthetics of the gun. I personally think that Glock makes a butt-ugly gun but they do it in a high-quality way. Many law enforcement agencies utilize the Glock as a service weapon so I think that says a lot for their reliability and dependability in life or death situations. Check out the Beretta 92 here!

I’ve owned several Taurus pistols including a Taurus model 92FS which is a dead-ringer for the Beretta and found it to be very reliable, accurate, and a bit more affordable than the actual Beretta.

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