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Adjusting Sig Sauer Sights

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This is a brief technical video from regarding sight adjustments on pistols, specifically Sig Sauer pistols. The video covers fixed sight adjustment that requires a specialized tool to move the sight slightly in the dovetail. These tools are available online or your local gunsmith or range may have one for rent. Using the proper tool is crucial to avoid damaging the sights or warping the slide. Adjustable sights are of course meant to be adjusted and much easier to change. The tool featured in the video is from Maryland Gun Works or MGW and the featured handguns are a Sig Sauer P220 and a P226 Platinum Elite. You can find The Sig Sauer P226 Platinum Elite here!

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This technical video gives detailed information and tips on adjusting or aiming sights on Sig Sauer Pistols.

It shows the two basic types of sights and how to adjust each of them.

Video features a Sig Sauer P220 in 45ACP and a P226 Platinum Elite in 9mm. A MGW Sig Sight Adjustment Tool is also featured.

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