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Taurus PT908 Review

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Nice review of the Taurus PT908 9mm semi-automatic pistol. These pistols are not being manufactured anymore but you can still find them on the market or at the auctions. I personally have a Taurus Pt909 which appears to be identical to the 908 with the addition of a tactical rail and 17 magazine. I’ll try to do a video review of my 909 in the near future. This 908 (and the entire 900 series) have an alloy frame and stainless steel slide. They were made in this stainless finish as well as the typical blue finish. I personally like the weight of the gun and find it pretty easy to shoot. On top of all that, it practically looks like a piece of art. Don’t pass these up if you find one out there on the market. You can find the Taurus line of pistols here!

Taurus Firearms

Taurus PT – 908 9mm overview, Not the best but it is enought so you can see it I will try to post more on this gun soon. Thanks

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