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Sig Sauer P230 Review

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Video review of the Sig Sauer P230 .380ACP semi-automatice pistol. This handgun is similar size and utility as the Walther PPK and the Taurus 700 series. The P230 is a fixed barrel, straight blow-back operated pistol and might be ideally suited as a CCW (concealed carry weapon) or backup gun even in an ankle holster. It’s very slim and has a single stack magazine that holds 7 rounds. This gun does not have a safety but can be carried “cocked” which I’m not a big fan of. It does have a decocker but again, no safety and no slide catch as well. The magazine release on the Sig Sauer P230 is on the bottom of the grip making it difficult for quick magazine changes.

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The design and function of the P230 is of the simple fixed barrel, straight blow-back configuration. It has a reputation as a well-built firearm, competes with the Walther PPK, and is a popular choice as a backup to larger caliber firearms.[citation needed] With its relatively narrow slide and frame it can be carried in an ankle holster, and some even carry it between their undershirt and body armor.
It is available in both blued and all-stainless finishes. The blued version features a blued steel slide and a matching, anodized aluminum frame, while the stainless version is self-explanatory. Both models come with a molded polymer, wrap-around grip, that is contoured to give the shooter a comfortable and secure hold on the weapon.
The trigger comes from the factory with a 5.5 lb single-action pull, and is capable of both single-action and double-action. Pulling back the slide sets the hammer backwards and downwards to its single-action position, making for a very short and crisp trigger pull, with minimal take-up. The double-action pull is longer and more stiff, but still very smooth. It has no external safeties, though it does have a “de-cocking” lever positioned just above the right-handed shooter’s thumb, on the left side of the grip. The lever provides for a safe method of lowering the hammer from its full-cocked, single-action position, to a “half-cock”, double-action safe position where the hammer itself falls forward to a locking point about an eighth of an inch from the rear of the firing pin. Once de-cocked, it is physically impossible for the hammer to drop completely and contact the firing pin, which would otherwise greatly increase the risk of the unintentional discharge of a chambered round. In order for the round to discharge, the full double-action pull would have to be completed, which allows for the pistol to be carried reasonably safely with a round chambered.
The sights are of the traditional SIG design and configuration, with a dot on the front sight and a rectangle on the rear sight. To aim using the sights, the shooter simply aligns the dot over the rectangle. The magazine release is located behind and below the magazine floor plate. The magazine is released by pushing the lever towards the rear of the grip, at which point the magazine can be removed from the pistol.

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