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I have interviewed soldiers regarding their opinion about the MK.23 gun and .50 Desert Eagle gun: “The .50 Desert Eagle gun (DE) is generally considered too unwieldy for combat but not hunting. The Mk23 is considering an offensive combat pistol. Personally I would go with the Mk. 23. It’s not too big, but not too small. The Desert Eagle gun is so… I don’t know what word I’m looking for… over rated, you know like everyone thinks it’s amazing. Who makes it? And I thought they were illegal without a class 3. I’ll take the mark 23 any day, also heavy, but anything is better than a Desert Eagle gun. They also make them in a .45, called an AE.” “I wouldn’t see the problem with .50 Desert Eagle gun in combat. I mean, the Israelis have been using them in urbanized combat, why not us? Just pulling out a Desert Eagle is clearly going to make the other guy wish that he had one too. Me personally, I tend to only like the .45 round in the M1911. Israeli forces do not use them, they only make them. IDF uses what is colorfully called the “baby eagle”, the Jericho in 9mm and the Glock in 9mm. Not yet adopted, is the “Barak” in 9mm. If your military is not going to use it why make a .50 cal pistol do their snipers use it or something?” “Don’t get me wrong, but I thought that the Israelis were using the damn weapon! But I did know that they were making them. Israeli Military Industries. I believe that is what the name of the company is that manufactures Desert Eagles. The Desert Eagle comes bored in several different sizes including the .50AE NOT DE I don’t even know if there is such a thing as a .50DE size of bullet. Have you ever seen one in real life? It’s huge! That’s one of the reasons that SOCOM wants to replace it!” “Trials were run with it, but the conclusion was that a magnum pistol of that size is just not good for combat. It’s largely used as a sporting pistol today. That true, the size of the Desert Eagle would be a pain, but that firepower would be nice as hell in the middle of a firefight! You’re right, I figured it was about 5 inches long, but it is really about 10 inches. Have you ever fired a high powered handgun? They are fine, if you need to take one shot. If you need a very quick second shot, you’re screwed. Too much recoil.” “So, given that, they would suck in a firefight. That’s why the FBI dropped the 10mm, and the 50 Desert Eagle is much more powerful and HUGE. For combat, a pistol of adequate stopping power that the firer can quickly fire a second shot or quickly transition to a second target is ideal. Not some hand cannon. Next you’ll be touting the S&W 460 or 500 Magnums. You know, what you see in video games doesn’t translate to the real world. Also, the MK 23 holds 12 rounds and the Desert Eagle .50 holds 7. I’d take the MK 23 if I had a choice.”About the author Victor Epand is an expert consultant for carries the best selection of military clothing, war gear, and combat accessories on the market.Source:

Frequently Asked Questions

    which 50 cal handgun would you choose Desert eagle S&W 500 or 1911 A1?
    best 50 cal

    • ANSWER:
      5000 S&W Magnum is the one to get. The desert eagle is nothing but show it has no functionality in the real world and grips are too bulk for most people to hold comfortably. The 1911 while a good gun and caliber for self defense, the 50 GI round is hard to come by and expensive. The 500 S&W Magnum is the best of the three because while it is the most powerful production handgun they did such a good job with it that it does not feel that much harder than a 44 mag with hot loads. Ammo is easier to come by than the others. The grips fit great and you can get many aftermarket ones. Plus the best thing is with that pistol you can easily if you know how to shoot kill a grizzly bear, in fact the backpacker extreme model was made for people who are out hiking, fishing, hunt ect. in bear country to have something the could carry and be able to kill an attacking bear with.
    Where to find .50 Cal Tungsten handgun bullets for my DE?
    I’m looking for .50 Caliber Tungsten bullets for my Desert Eagle, any help would be very appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      i handload tungsten bullets- they are only per box of 20. i can get em sent to you just give me your address, credit card, and social security number.
    I would like to buy a 40 cal. handgun that is accurate up to 50 yards. Which one should i get?
    I have a 40 cal. millenium which is a great weapon but is not all that accurate past 10 yards (tends to shoot low but a great concealed weapon). I am looking for a handgun that is accurate up to 50 yards and preferably a forty cal. It would not be concealed but I do not want a large weapon.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been looking to buy a .40 S&W myself. I’ve been looking at the EAA Witness. Their website isn’t very good, but the guns are steel and based on CZ 75s. Take a look at those.
    Can anyone recommend a good cleaning kit for the .50 cal AE Desert Eagle handgun?
    I am attempting to get my man a good present, but I can’t find one anywhere! Most of the ones I’ve found only go up to .45 cal OR clean .50 cals, but NOT THE DESERT EAGLE. Any direction is appreciated!

    Thanks, gun enthusiasts. :0)

    • ANSWER:
    the .50 cal handgun….?
    does it actually have more knockdown power than a .44mag, .45, or 357mag?

    is it practical in any way or just a showpiece?

    back in the day, would dirty harry have preferred it to his .44mag?

    • ANSWER:
      The .50 caliber handguns lack practicality (as a self-defense tool) primarily due to their huge size and outrageous recoil. (It better stop them in one shot, because it’ll take you a nurse, a jacuzzi bath, a deep muscle massage, and what seems like an hour for the shooter to recover and take a second one). As a hunting handgun, many swear by them for large game (who never tend to shoot back). For carrying one concealed on one’s person (for those who can legally do so), I suggest wearing a clown outfit and putting it in the pants, next to the giant foam rubber sledgehammer.

      Seriously though, they are really nice showpieces, practical for large game handgun hunting and even some sport shooting, and look great while being held by a hollywood action hero. (I thorougly enjoyed watching Bronson running around with his .475 Wildey. I bet his whole body was sore after filming those sequences, even with low-powder blank cartridges).

      I wish there was an easy answer regarding “knockdown power”, but this topic has been debated past the point of exhaustion by many with much more physics and wound dynamics expertise than I will ever have. Practical thinkers like to ask what’s worse to get hit by, a speeding yugo or a slow-rolling freight train? Both will kill you, just by different kinetics.

      Many rely on what is referred to as “One-Stop Shot” statistics. The links below will give you some numbers on that. You will notice that the .50’s aren’t included in the studies, primarily because they aren’t common enough or considered to be ‘practical’ for comparison.

    If every VA Tech student had a .50 cal. Desert Eagle handgun?
    Do you think the gunman would have lasted long?

    I don’t.
    Alcohol was totally banned during prohibition. Does the term “speakeasy” mean anything to you? Tighter restriction is not the answer.
    Josh – As usual, your logic is completely twisted and false. LOL
    Old Gringo – Care to explain why?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been saying the same thing since it happened bro, there would be 2 bodies on the ground, the unfortunate 1st victim and the shooter himself.

      Quinn and Rose (America’s Morning Show) quoted an administrator (name escaping me) from VA Tech applauding the enacting of the gun free policy for the campus. I hope he is personally sued for this, if that’s possible.

      This shooting is just one more reason I’d like to buy a gun. (I better get one before Pelosi and Clinton make it illegal.) The number of gun crimes commited by legal gun owners doesn’t even require a pen and paper to calculate….


    .50 cal d.eagle?
    im confused……the barret 50 cal rifle is powerul and accurate but how can the desert eagle be a 50 cal aswell if its a handgun does this mean the desert eagle has AS MUCH power as the barret sniper rifle ????????

    • ANSWER:
      no-diffrent 50ca round
    Can you rent a Barrett 50 cal at a gun range?
    I’m heading to the US on holidays, the last time I was there I fired a few handguns and an M4, but this year I’d like to fire a barrett 50 cal, is there any range that rents out these guns, around the Vegas, or Salt lake city area,

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, near Las Vegas in Pahrump, NV. Give Acme Gun and Pawn a call, (702)751-2263.

      In Utah:

      Get Some Guns
      (801) 562-1222
      6651 South State Street
      .50 BMG Shoot
      per shot

    if i bought a .50 desert eagle handgun can i….?
    could i buy a .50 cal desert eagle in texas could i bring it back to california when i get out of the army??? i just took a look at one today and it was 1500.00 roughly and i really want one it is my dream gun lol. so this is a real easy question… could i bring it to california if i bought it? what would i have to do when i bring it to california? thats it. no websites please just tell me thanks

    • ANSWER:
      CA restricts ’50 cal’ except they are too stupid to realize that most shotguns are well over 50 caliber.

      BUT, that’s just as well because the Desert Eagle should change it’s name to Dumb_$$ Ego. The gun is crap and everyone at the gunrange will snicker at you behind your back if you show up for one.

      Owning and shooting a Deagle says one of two things.

      #1 I have a collection of at least 50 handguns, I have so many GOOD guns I am at the point where I buy stupid guns because I can.

      #2 Everything I have learned about guns comes from movies and video games. I have no idea what reality is. I am a total moron who shouldn’t be trusted.

      Do yourself a favor, get something else. Get a Browning Hi-Power, a CZ-75, a Glock 19, A sig 229, an STI Spartan, an XDM, a Smith&Wesson M&P, a Beretta 92, a Colt Python, a Browning Buckmark, a Ruger Redhawk, etc etc.

      The world of guns is much too large for anyone to really honestly want a Deagle.

    What is the biggest firearm cartrage and most powerful firearm?
    rifle or handgun
    .50 cal desart eagle

    plz dont give me that (power in terms of what) crap its all your opinion

    • ANSWER:
      The most powerful shoulder-fired rifle in regular production is probably the .700 Nitro Express double.
      The most powerful pistol in production is the S&W .500 Magnum. The .50AE Desert Eagle doesn’t even come close in comparison.

      Run a search anywhere for details on either weapon.

      P.S: ‘cartridge’ is the correct spelling.

      P.P.S: Hard as I search, I just can’t seem to find ANY records of ANYONE taking record game with a HMG cartridge gun. The .50 BMG doesn’t even hold the record for longest sniper kill anymore. . . . .


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    1. rich says:

      Desert eagle or s&w 500.Lol there both holly wood guns.The desert eagle has more velocity over the 500 even thought the 500 holds more powder.Desert eagle is the biggest semi auto hand gun in the world.Its a fun gun to shoot.Not ment for active duty use its just polar as its been on tv because it was big and cameras picked it up well.Same with the 500 but there just 2 different flavors semi auto or revolver.Both are cool and fun to shoot.And also the 50ae is legal in ca.The only not legal round is the bmg 50 cal.The big fat sniper gun and guns you see mounted to helicoptors hummers ect.50 ae is just a .50 diameter of the bullet 250 grain is the largest wait.A BMG IS 5 TIMES THAT.

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