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1911 From Taurus-Comprehensive Review

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Here is a really, really comprehensive review by Nutnfancy of the Taurus 1911 in .45ACP. Based on the 100 year old design of John Moses Browning, the 1911 is an iconic handgun that has stood the test of time. It’s not a small gun and it’s not a simple gun, but it is an elegant design from an era where it was clearly decades before its time. Taurus has made its own tweaks to the original design just like most other manufacturers while keeping the foundations of the 1911 intact. Nutnfancy talks to many of the features and drawbacks of the 1911 depending upon intended use. He calls this POU or Philosophy of Use. If you take the time to watch this video you might be adding a 1911 to your wish list, I did. Check out the Taurus 1911 here!

Taurus Firearms

It is unrealistic to expect the Taurus PT1911 to have the same fit and finish and precision of a Kimber, Springfield, RRA, S&W, Ed Brown, Les Baer, Wilson Combat, Sig or other higher end 1911 pistol. But at its approx. $650 price point it is very hard to beat. In the POU of recreational range gun, home defense choice, or open carry weapon, it excels. You can expect excellent accuracy. The model shown, a PT1911 AL (aluminum frame) is capable of 2 groups at 25 yards, maybe even better. Extensive offhand shooting both at paper and steel plates, confirmed this remarkable practical accuracy, with about 1 groups being the norm at about 15 yards while standing. In this regard it competes well with most other 1911s. Reliability was spotty at first and we experienced failures to go into battery with American Eagle 230 gr FMJ loads (while Wolf ammo functioned perfectly at that time). These hang-ups disappeared after what I consider a needed break-in period. In its stock form, it cycled several loads with no problems, including JHPs. When outfitted with an Ed Brown Value Hammer and Sear and Smith & Alexander Series 80 Hi Grip Safety, problems arose: hammer follow occurred (shown) and recocking during fire sequence failed. Restoration to the Taurus stock parts brough back reliability. Taurus lists many supposedly expensive custom features that are included in the gun and indeed there are many useful features that enhance accuracy, ergonomics, reliability, and looks. Excellent features from their list include full-length guide rod, Heinie Straight Eight sights (correction from video; they’re not Novaks), 30 lpi checkering in all the right places, memory pad equipped grip safety (very beneficial), polished feedramp and throat, scalloped ejection port, extended mag release button, and included extra 8 round magazine. But saying these features amount to a custom-level gun with its inherent quality however is a bit much: many other 1911s show superior fit, finish, and precision in the execution of these details. As such the Taurus PT1911 does not really rise to the quality level of other more expensive 1911s. The safety is not as precise and deliberate as a S&W 1911 PD for instance and the grip safety is harder to depress. The beveled mag well is also a disappointment compared to the Smith. The overall finishing of the frame, slide, and MIM parts is adequate but not impressive. Only you can determine your value placed on such workmanship and if you’re will to spend about $1,000 or more to get it. For many, this 2nd Kind of Cool is important and they may not be happy with the Taurus. But the PT1911 IS a working gun and has fulfilled that role remarkably well. Durability seems excellent from our tests and other reliable sources which cite 1,000s of rounds shot without problems. The gun does contained MIM parts (which sometimes don’t achieve forged performance) but the slide, barrel, and frame (on all-steel versions) are forged. Customer service from Taurus from our broken front sight (failed MIM part) was fast. Ergos on the gun, enhanced by many of the features, are excellent but we improved a bit more with Ergo brand grips (some of my favorite) and a full-on DuraCoat application in Cav Arms OD green and Tango Down FDE. Future mods may be in store but keeping your PT1911 completely stock will not degrade its capabilities to deliver fast, accurate, .45 ACP rounds are target. It is a benchmark of value in the field of mid-priced 1911s and will bring years of enjoyment at a reasonable cost. ////////////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 7.5 out of 10 /////////////////////////////////////// Songs are called “Sudden Impulse” and “Slightly Stricken” arranged and created by Nutnfancy /////////////////////////////////// Photos are TNP originals. A select few come from the public domain. Their posters/owners have consented to royalty-free worldwide unpaid distribution through unqualified agreement to Terms of Use and through their selection and agreement to worldwide public use.

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