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Taurus PT92 AFS Review

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Taurus PT92 AFS PistolA quick overview of the Taurus Model 92AFS 9mm semi-automatic in stainless steel finish. The reviewer gives a basic review of this gun and personally I loved my Model 92. The weight is an issue if you want to conceal carry unless you’re using a shoulder rig. However, the weight is a definite plus at the range as I believe it aides in accuracy and reduces recoil. This is the stainless model and they do come in different configurations from blued to duo tone. One thing I’ve found interesting is that the frame of this pistol looks identical to the from of my Taurus PT909. I wonder how much parts interchangeability exists between some of the Taurus models. All in all, my experience with the Taurus 92 has been overwhelmingly positive and if you’re looking for a large frame and considering a Beretta, take a look at the Taurus as well. You can find a Taurus Model 92 AFS here!

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