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1911 Pistol Troubleshooting Techniques

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If you’ve ever thought about learning gunsmithing as a profession or just for your own use, check out the courses from the American Gunsmithing Institute (  This particular course focuses on the 1911 and will teach you how to diagnose and address many different problems commonly encountered.  The DVD course features Master Pistolsmith Gene Shuey who can help you with problems such as misfires, jams, accuracy issues, and more.  This course will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the classic 1911 pistol, how to diagnose and cure any problem, even including issues with the magazine itself.  If you’re like me, customizing your own 1911 is one of the things on the punch-list and learning the basics of the 1911 will allow you to take on some of the advanced customization techniques.  If you’re still looking for the right gun for you, check out these 1911’s!

Auto-Ordnance 1911 Pistol Diagnose and cure your 1911 Pistol problems. Over 50 problems and their cures!

If youve ever experienced problems with the 1911 style pistol such as: jams, misfires, loss of accuracy, etc., but didnt know what to do, you now have the answers in this DVD course. Master Pistolsmith Gene Shuey has over 50 years of experience shooting, customizing and repairing 1911s and their clones! Now he has put that experience and insight into this DVD so you can diagnose and cure problems with your 1911 style pistol.

This course covers all types of mis-feeds and jams, problems with the hammer, extractor, ejector, slide stop, frame ramp, barrel ramp, accuracy, the sights, springs, slide, thumb safety, grip safety, trigger, mag release, barrel, grips, and last but certainly not least: magazines (including the follower, springs, feed lips and even the mag box itself).

NO area is left out, all the common problems are covered along with many of the more unusual ones. After you complete this course you will have gained immeasurable insight into the workings of the 1911, be able to fix your pistols problems and understand how to keep it running smoothly.

The course features a Quick-Cure Menu which is designed to guide you straight to the type of problem you are experiencing. Mr. Shuey shows you the cause of each problem, and then presents all of the options for solving it. He keeps you from getting in over your head by presenting multiple solutions and demonstrating them step-by-step. If you want to keep your gun in tip-top, trouble-free condition, then this course is for you!

For more information on how to purchase this complete course or other AGI DVDs, please visit our website at or call us at 1-800-797-0867

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