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Smith & Wesson vs Glock vs Springfield

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A real nice video comparison from Gun Websites looking a 3 very similar guns. I’ve posted reviews of each of these handguns elsewhere on this site but it’s nice to see these three guns side to side. The Springfield has the grip and trigger safety mechanisms, slide serrations front and back while the Smith & Wesson has “fish scales” front and back (kind of a cool styling feature). The Springfield has an ambidextrous magazine release while the Smith & Wesson has an ambidextrous slide release. The Smith & Wesson features an interchangeable backstrap to customize the grip as well as installing a crimson trace laser to the grip. The Glock is pretty sleek as well without a lot of controls below the slide and really markets the fact of their simplistic design as they have for years. You can check out the Glock, Springfield, or Smith & Wesson here!

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We take a few minutes with three popular pistols to compare features.
All three of these are good pistols, here is a closer look at the Glock 22, Smith & Wesson M&P45 and Springfield XD45

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