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Smith & Wesson Governor Review And Comparison To Taurus Judge

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Smith & Wesson Governor RevolverHere’s a pretty good video review of the Smith & Wesson Governor revolver and a comparison to the Taurus Judge. The Governor, like the Judge, is a heavy revolver capable of chambering a .45 Long Colt round, a .410 shotshell, and additionally (unlike the Judge), a .45ACP round with the use of two or six round moon clips. The reviewer is quite harsh on the Judge but it truly is the inspiration for the Smith & Wesson. The Governor does have many refinements you might expect from Smith & Wesson like a six shot cylinder compared to five on the Judge. The fit and finish seems to be a little better on the Smith & Wesson as well and you will pay a bit extra for that. You can check out the Governor here!

A head-to-head comparison of Smith and Wesson Governor and Taurus Judge by Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine writer Bill Waugaman. To read the complete written review of the comparison, see Product Reviews at the Ohio Valley Outdoors website.

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