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Walther P22 Q Dark Earth Review

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Walther P22 Q Dark Earth PistolHere’s a nice, honest video review of the Walther P22 Q model semi-automatic pistol in the Dark Earth color. The P22 Q is chambered in .22LR which makes it a great beginner gun but also loads of fun to shoot without breaking the bank. The P22 Q is modeled after the popular PPQ model and gets most of its styling cues from the Walther PPQ. This sweet handgun features ambidextrous safety and magazine release controls, interchangeable backstraps for a custom grip, and this particular gun features the Dark Earth finish. Some people like it, some people don’t. I tend to gravitate towards uniqueness so I really like this little pistol. It also has a fixed barrel (which improves accuracy) and a last shot “hold open” that is sometimes missing on the smaller caliber pistols. Check out the P22 Q Dark Earth pistol from Walther here!

Here’s my new Walther P22! This is the rarer, “full dark earth” model. Also has a fake suppressor and thread adapter, both made by Tactical Innovations.

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  1. happycat says:

    This is ooh so close to replacing my smitty 469/6906 . The mag capacity is better by 2 rounds, though I am “so old schooled by the double action/single action” skillset.

  2. MainelyGlock says:

    Hey there,
    Thanks for promoting my video! Feel free to use any others as well.

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