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Beretta Nano 9mm Sub-Compact Pistol

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Beretta Nano 9mm PistolHere’s a nice video review of the slick little sub-compact Nano from Beretta. The Nano is a semi-automatic 9mm pistol utilizing a 6 round magazine for a 6 + 1 capacity. This video does a nice job of characterizing the Nano’s size as compared to a Ruger LCP and an M&P Compact. The Beretta is certainly no pocket gun when compared to the Ruger but still smaller than the Smith & Wesson compact. One of the features that is touted in Beretta’s advertising is the smooth profile as there are no external controls (safety, slide catch, etc.) to snag on holsters, clothing, or whatever. One of my friends is looking at this particular gun as a concealed carry weapon in an ankle holster (hey, who am I to judge?). The Nano 9mm pistol has a slide lock-back function with an empty magazine and requires a racking motion to release the slide. Check out the Beretta Nano 9mm pistol here!

My review and thoughts on the Beretta Nano. Comparison to M&P 9c and Ruger LCP. There is a spreadsheet at the end ofthe video that compares the Nano to the Glock 26, the Ruger LC9, the Walther PPS and others.

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  1. Roger says:

    This is a review of the Beretta nano. No need to spend any time comparing it to a Ruger or S&W . The review spoke more of the LCP and M&P than the Beretta for God sake!b It seemed less a review of the Nano than anything else.

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