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Sig Sauer P290 Sub-Compact Pistol

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Sig Sauer P290 9mm PistolThis is a video from GunsAmerica TV at SHOT looking at the Sig Sauer P290 sub-compact semi-automatic pistol. This is from 2011 and represents Sig Sauer throwing their hat into the sub-compact/”pocket-pistol” arena. The P290 is the smallest Sig and is chambered in 9mm holding 6 rounds in the magazine (with an extended 8 round magazine available as well). This gun is double action only (DAO) and hammer fired and its size makes it a great CCW (concealed carry weapon) choice. This handgun has a couple of nice features compliments of the designers at Sig Sauer, an integrated rail for an integrated laser sight (available on the pistol or as an add-on after purchase) and removable grip panels. The grip panels provide customization of both grip size and grip material, texture, etc. They’ve even talked about the possibility of owners having their monogram or name etched into the grip panels. Be sure to check out the Sig Sauer line of pistols here!

The tried and tested Sig 226 platform expands into this DAO pocket pistol, the smallest of the Sig line. The reciever is polymer and it is hammer fired. 6 rounds in the magazine and an ambdextrous safety and changeable grip panels. A full article about this is at:

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