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Special Edition Sig Sauer P226

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Video of a guy showing off his new Sig Sauer P226R that happens to be a special Blackwater edition. For those that don’t know, Blackwater is the former name of Academi, a private military security company founded in 1997 and currently the largest of the three private security contractors. The special packaging of this gun includes special grips with the Blackwater logo and the same Blackwater logo on the top of the slide just in front of the rear sight. The package also includes 5 magazines and the OEM factory grips. I don’t have any interest in Blackwater personally but some of these special edition guns are kind of cool. I think you can get an idea of how nice a handgun Sig Sauer makes just by looking at this pistol. Hopefully we get to see him shoot it and handle it a little more in the future. Look for your own Sig Sauer P226 here!

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Just a show and tell about the new gun I purchased and some thanks owed to a few of my friends. It’s a BlackWater edition Sig Sauer P226R. It has some Blackwater logos either etched or engraved into the gun itself. I’ve not shot this yet, but can’t wait to do so. The gun is a full sized Sig chambered in 9mm luger. The ammunition capacity is a 15+1. The gun also came with 5 Sig Sauer 15 rnd magazines. Beautifully machined weapon and finely detailed in every way. If you’ve owned a Sig Sauer pistol, then you can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship they put into thier line of pistols. Hope you enjoy the video and please let me know if you have a request that you would like to see with this particular pistol. I would like to have more time to mention some others have have helped or supported my channel in so many ways. I will definetly have to make a video dedicated to just thinking the many friends I have made along the way. As always, I do appreciate each and every subscriber. Please comment, rate and subscribe. Thanks!

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