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Beretta Nano Sub-Compact 9mm Pistol

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Beretta Nano PistolHere’s a video review of a sweet little thing called the Nano by Beretta and being put through the paces by Hickok45 at his compound. The Nano is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol in a sub-compact package that’s perfect for concealed carry (CCW). This handgun has been made with forethought of being carried and somewhat surprisingly, has no external control appendages such as slide catch and safety levers. The Nano is smooth down both sides of the slide. This gun is striker fired and has a 6 + 1 capacity (6 rounds in the magazine). Several innovative features from Beretta really set this pistol apart such as the striker deactivator and the serialized stainless steel sub-chassis which makes this gun modular. The sub-chassis can be swapped into a compact frame, full-size frame, or even different colored frames. Check out the Beretta Nano pistol here!

Shooting and showing this cool little new Beretta pistol. Thanks to Talon Grips for sending it this way after using it to design their grips for it. Also, thanks to Beretta for sending a couple of extra magazines.

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