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Beretta PX4 Compact 9mm

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Beretta PX4 Compact PistolHere’s a nice video review of the Beretta PX4 Compact semi-automatic pistol. The PX4 Compact is the little brother to the PX4 Storm and shares most of the features with it’s big brother. One thing I personally like is the styling of the PX4 with the contoured slide and smooth lines it is much more aesthetically pleasing than basic “blocky” looking pistols like the Glock. That being said, it also has to be reliable and by all accounts, this gun is both reliable and very accurate. This Beretta handgun has a polymer frame, steel slide and barrel, ambidextrous safety/decocker and reversible magazine release, and is double action/single action. It’s a great choice for concealed carry with its size and 13 round capacity, you’ll have plenty of firepower. Check out the Beretta PX4 Compact pistol here!

3.25″ Barrel
28oz. Weight
15+1 Capacity
Ambi. Manual Saftey

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