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Caracal F 9mm Pistol

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Caracal Model F 9mm PistolHere’s a video review of the Caracal Models F & C 9mm pistol from the Caracal rep at SHOT Show 2012. This is actually the first look at the Caracal that I’ve seen and I have to admit that I like some of the innovations this company has made. First off, Caracal is manufactured in Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and looks to be well made just by what I can see from the video. The Model F is the full-size model with 18 round magazine (9mm) while the Model C is the compact with a 15 round magazine. This is a semi-automatic, striker fired handgun with a polymer frame, steel barrel and slide, and a double action/single action trigger. Some of the innovations include lowering the bore-axis and reducing slide mass to lessen felt recoil, and the very unique “quick aquisition sights”. The quick aquisition sight places the rear sight in fromt of the ejection port for a very short sight radius from the front of the slide that allows a shooter to get the sights on target quicker. Cool eh? Check out the Caracal F 9mm pistol here!

Jeff from Caracal gives us a detailed look at the Caracal C & F 9mm with the Quick Sight System.

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