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Walther PPQ 9mm Pistol

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Walther PPQ 9mm PistolThis is a pretty good video review of the Walther PPQ semi-automatic pistol. The PPQ from Walther is available in both .40S&W and 9mm like the the one pictured and in the video. The 9mm version holds 15 rounds in the magazine for a 15 + 1 capacity. The PPQ is similar to the P99 and the PPS from Walther and the “Q” part of the designation refers to the trigger. Walther has developed and included its “Quick Response Trigger” for this gun and it allows for a very short reset and quick follow-up shot. The PPQ has an ambidextrous slide catch and magazine release to suit both right and left handed shooters. The magazine release is the Walther design that is incorporated into the lower part of the trigger guard. This handgun has a polymer frame and steel slide and comes with interchangeable backstraps for a custom grip. Check out the Walther PPQ 9mm pistol here!

A quick glance at what’s included with the gun and some of it’s attractive features. It’s a fantastic piece and I can’t wait to see more of them around!

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