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Taurus 24/7 Pro PistolThis is a pretty good review of the original 24/7 that you may still be able to find on the market.  It’s pretty clear that the reviewer is a huge Glock fan but that’s okay.  I do think he has a few valid criticisms of the Taurus but I also think he is being overly nit picky regarding some of his complaints.  For one, calling this gun bulky compared to a Glock 19, which is clearly more of a compact (look at the shorter grip) is unfair in my opinion.  It is certainly heavier than most Glocks and I agree that it would not be a great concealed carry weapon.  Another gripe is when he gives the nod to the Glock concerning firepower even though it holds fewer rounds in the standard magazine.  His rationale is that he can snap in a higher capacity magazine and have as many rounds as the Taurus.  That’s fine but let’s revisit the “bulky” issue with one of these higher capacity magazines extending several inches beyond the end of the grip.  The criticism of the controls may or may not be fair.  It seems that the safety lever on my other semi-automatics require passing my thumb over the rear of the slide just like the 24/7.  I’ve never been in a combat situation (real or simulated) so I can’t honestly address this.  It may be an issue shared by many weapons.  I have heard the complaints about the sharpness of the mag release so working it down a bit might be a good idea.  It’s probably an individual fit issue.  All in all a decent review though.  Check out all the great pistols  from Taurus here!

PART 1 of 2:
For many, price is a key factor in their defensive pistol choice. Luckily nowadays your options for a high value, high quality handgun are numerous. One such gun is the original Taurus PT 24/7 in 9mm (also in .40, .45 ACP); a good choice for home defense. This two part video series covers the regular PT 24/7 and not the upgraded 24/7 Pro model offered as of 2008 BY Taurus. It is compared against the proven design of the Glock 19 and some of the features of the G19 are covered in detail by way of contrast. The 24/7 is indeed a high value choice that has some good features. These would include an ergonomic and comfortable Ribber grip (with frame indentations that function as memory pads), outstanding accuracy, excellent reliability, good sights, loaded chamber indicator (extractor protrudes), and a relatively light DAO trigger pull. The keyed Taurus Security System is a bow to prevailing political correctness and is completely unneeded and potentially dangerous. It could lead to an inoperable sidearm should you misplace your keys. And to be honest, this 24/7 model also had some significant downsides as well: very sharp edges on the magazine and slide release levers, critical controls clustered together can cause confusion, a troublesome field strip (with a loose part too), very long trigger takeup i(takes training to master), a bulky form factor, higher bore axis, an unneeded safety lever, and the rubber grip can catch on clothing (jeopardizing waist carry concealment). However once used to the trigger staging, the 24/7 standard model shoots well indeed (see Nutnfancys shooting video of the 24/7) showing excellent smoothness, accuracy, and reliability (with FMJs). Also the company Taurus gets high marks for its support for your right for self-defense and gives a free year of NRA membership with your purchase (as of 2008). Upgraded versions of the 24/7 like the PRO and OSS models, will have the improved SA/DA hybrid trigger with have an improved and lighter pull (still long though). Despite some drawbacks this model of Taurus 24/7 is still a very capable gun at a very reasonable price.
Comparison to Glock 19, which is size comparable. If a pistol design exceeds the Glock standards in all categories over a long period, it will become the new standard of reference:
WEIGHT: Advantage Glock by 4.5 ounces
FIREPOWER: Advantage Taurus with stock factory mags. But advantage Glock with FACTORY +2 baseplates, G17 mags, or the 33 rd G18 mag.
ACCURACY: Tie, both extremely accurate
ERGONOMICS: Advantage G19 (unneeded grip safety but XD 1911 grip angle preferable)
SIMPLICITY: Advantage G19 (no grip safety)
ACCESSORIES: Mostly a tie
VALUE: Advantage Taurus, awesome value for quality
DURABILITY and RELIABILITY: Advantage Glock by virtue of track record; 24/7 still proving its reputation but all indicators show excellent performance here
TRACK RECORD: Advantage G19 so far, proven world wide for decades in LE and military service. !/////////////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 6 out of 10.////////////////////// If you own a gun of ANY kind and are not a member of the NRA you need to change your ways. Political battles rage that serve to disarm you, leaving you the potential victim of criminals who will NEVER obeyed gun laws. Join the NRA today for five years at a time and donate generously to the NRA/ILA. This is a patriotic, freedom organization that fights tirelessly to maintain our freedoms and it advocates no political party.

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