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EAA 10mm Witness Compact Pistol

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EAA Witness Compact 10mm PistolHere’s a decent video review of the EAA Witness 10mm P Carry semi-automatic 10mm pistol. The 10mm round is a powerful round that really packs a lot of punch. It is not very common as only a handful of manufacturers produce 10 mm pistols and to put it in perspective, the .40S&W is basically a short 10mm so these guns are really miniature cannons. The Witness Compact 10mm from EAA (European American Armory) borrows heavily from the CZ pistols in style and function. One of the more functional features is the slide-frame relationship as the slide rides inside the frame giving it more stability and bringing the bore axis of the barrel closer to the hand. This compact handgun (shown on the right) holds 12 rounds in the magazine and is small enough to be a CCW (concealed carry weapon) choice. The 10mm from EAA is double action/single action and is hammer fired. Check out the Compact Witness 10mm pistol from EAA here!

My review of the EAA Witness P-Carry 10mm
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