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Walther PPK-S 380 Pistol

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Walther PPK/S PistolAnother great video review from Hickok45 on the Walther PPK/s semi-automatic pistol. As with most of Hickok45’s videos we get to see the PPK/S in action and in the hands of a good (very good) shooter. It makes me wonder if James Bond could shoot as well as this guy. The Walther PPK/S is chambered in .380ACP and holds 7 rounds in the magazine. This gun has an all metal frame and slide, is hammer fired, and has a double action/single action trigger. The PPK/S is blowback operated and the barrel is fixed to the frame which greatly improves accuracy and consistancy in my opinion. The .380ACP round is plenty big for a defensive weapon and the pistol itself is a perfect size for a CCW (concealed carry weapon) choice. Check out the Walther PPK/S pistol here!

Shooting and discussing this Classic design from Walther, the PPK/S

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  1. I have been carrying a Interarms PPK/S for about two years now after acquiring my ccl,My problem in the beginning was the fmj rounds would jam. I did a little research and found a recoil spring could be the problem, I found a set of springs made by Wolff that helped by dropping the poundage to 15 lbs and a simple thing like polishing the feed ramp plus jhp ammo allowed me to fire over 100 rounds with no jams, I am now looking forward to getting the new CCP introduced by Walther back in April in the 9mm with the Softcoil recoil should be something !

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