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Armscor Model 200 Revolver

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Armscor Model 200 RevolverThis is a nice video review of the Armscor Model 200 Revolver. This revolver comes from Armscor (the same folks who make the Rock Island Armory 1911) and is manufactured in the Philippines. The Model 200 is chambered in .38Special and holds 6 rounds in the cylinder. The 4 inch barrel has fixed sights (post and notch) and the all metal frame has a Parkerized finish for a nice look. The Armscor M200 comes with nice rubber grips that could conceivably be swapped out for wood grips if available. The main selling point of the Armscor revolver is the low price point. The handgun pictured on the right is just over $200 so it fits just about any budget. Check out the Armscor Model 200 revolver here!

a review on the armscor m200 chamberd in 38 spl great inexpensive revolver

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