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Kimber Warrior 1911 Style 45 Caliber

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Kimber Warrior PistolYet another great video review from Hickok45 this time showing off the Kimber Warrior semi-automatic pistol. The Warrior 1911 style pistol from Kimber is said to be “combat ready” with a number of nice features starting with the finish. Kimber uses what they call the KimPro II finish that is supposed to be self-lubricating and resistant to corrosion. The Warrior is typical in most respects to other 1911’s in that it has a 5 inch barrel, single action only, grip safety and manual thumb safety, and holds 7 rounds in the magazine. The frame and slide of this handgun are machined from solid steel and coated with the matte finish as stated above. Check out the Kimber Warrior pistol here!

Showing and shooting the Kimber Warrior, a pretty sweet 1911 in .45 ACP.

The couple of hang-ups are with old magazines and springs. We’ve since done a close-up video with this gun using nothing but Wilson Combat magazines. No problems at all with these high-quality magazines and springs. We now have 8 or 9 Wilson magazines so that we can eliminate that factor when we’re doing 1911 videos.

Thanks to the guys at Academy of Self Protection in Joelton, Tn, for the loan of this Kimber!

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