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CZ 75 Kadet 22 Caliber

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CZ 75 Kadet PistolHere’s a video review of the CZ 75 Kadet semi-automatic pistol. Although this has been available as a conversion kit for a while, CZ is now offering the Kadet as a complete pistol with none of the fitting issues encountered with the conversion parts. The nice thing about full frame .22 Long Rifle pistols is that they offer a great training opportunity as the shooter can get accustomed to the weight and feel of the gun before graduating to larger calibers. The Kadet from CZ is blowback operated and the barrel is fixed to the upper portion of the slide frame making it that much more accurate as well. Check out the CZ 75 Kadet pistol here!

Made in Czech republic the complete .22 LR Kadet upper is a great way to practice with your shadow or other 75B line of handguns an a fraction of a cost. A bit difficult to install at first, the design is solid and insanely reliable.

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