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FN FNX 45 Review

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FN FNX 45 PistolThis is actually a video of the FN FNX in .40S&W as the FNX 45 is so new there are no video reviews available. Maybe I should buy one of these for my personal collection and do the review of my own gun. You’ll get the idea of all the innovative features FN USA is including in the FNX line from video. Chambered in .45ACP, the pistol pictured on the right is nothing short of revolutionary when compared to other semi-automatic pistols in its class. The FNX 45 has a polymer frame and steel slide with radiused 3 dot sights, holds 15 rounds in the magazine, and has replaceable rails and modular fire control. This handgun also features fully ambidextrous controls including safety, slide catch and magazine release. Add to that interchangeable backstraps for a customized grip and you’ve got one hell of a pistol. Check out the FN FNX 45 pistol here!

FNX-40 at 2010 NRA Show

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2010 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Gun Show Review

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