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Colt 1911 New Agent Review

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Colt 1911 New AgentNice video review of the Colt 1911 New Agent semi-automatic pistol. The Colt 1911 New Agent is a slick little 1911 style handgun in a compact, easy to carry size. The Colt New Agent has a 3 inch barrel, is chambered in .45ACP just like every other 1911, and even with a metal frame it is light enough to use as a CCW (concealed carry weapon). This gun also features “trench” sights that are machined into the slide and minimize the protrusions available to snag on holsters and clothing. As stated before, the Colt 1911 New Agent utilizes an anodized aluminum frame, 7 round magazine, and is also available in a 9mm model. Check out the Colt 1911 New Agent here!

Overview of the COLT NEW AGENT with NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM work

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