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Taurus 605 Protector Poly

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Taurus 605 Protector PolyHere’s a nice video review of the Taurus 605 Protector Poly revolver. The 605 is chambered in .357 Magnum (and can also chamber the .38 Special of course) with a 5 round cylinder. The 605 Protector Poly features a polymer frame around the steel components of the barrel, cylinder and action asseblies. The Taurus 605 Protector Poly is truly a lightweight in that it weighs in at only 19.75 ounces with the 2 inch barrel. Its size and weight make the Protector Poly a perfect CCW (concealed carry weapon) choice. As stated in the video, being a small polymer frame does have its drawbacks and recoil is one of them. You will feel every bit of the .357 Magnum that comes out of the barrel on this handgun but being able to utilize the .38 Special rounds gives you some options if it’s too much to handle. Check out the Taurus 605 Protector Poly here!

This is a light, compact polymer .357 that is a good CCW option.

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