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Walther PPS: Easy To Carry 9mm

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This review of the Walther PPS by Nutnfancy covers the good and the bad of this new little gun.  This handgun is a great choice for concealed carry as it is not too big but more importantly very slim.  It’s big enough to be a primary weapon if you would choose although the slim size necessitates a single stack magazine that only holds 7 rounds.   It features interchangeable backstraps that function to customize the grip size for that perfect fit.  The take-down is almost identical to a Glock and very simple.  This pistol is a striker fired gun and does have a cocked indicator and 3 dot Novak sights.  The Walther is a great gun from a great company but you can expect to pay a bit more for that reputation.  If you would like a Walther PPS but at a great price, Check Out The PPS Here!

Walther P22


The Walther PPS is a slim. single-stack 9mm pistol that should be comfortable for concealed carry. Upsides on the design include: very slim design, good ergonomics and simplicity, good sights, interchangeable backstraps, simple takedown, reported good reliability and accuracy, good trigger, excellent fit and finish, cocked indicator, long sight radius, long steel slide rails, and seemingly good durability. Downsides might include: unusual and overly complex magazine floorplate design, gun is rendered inoperable if backstrap drops out, limited firepower for its 22 oz, worthless grip stippling, very high cost, very limited holster and accessory options, and a different magazine release. For the money I would probably opt for either a Kahr or KelTec pistol over this Walther PPS but it remains an interesting design that could serve well in the concealed carry role. /////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 6 of 10

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