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FN FNS-9 Pistol Review

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FN FNS-9 PistolHere’s a review of the FNS-9 semi-automatic pistol by Ken Pfau of FNH USA. The FNS-9 is a 9mm polymer framed semi-automatic handgun that was initially designed for law enforcement use. The FNS-9 (and the FNS-40) come with 4 different backstraps for a custom fit grip and they even include a flat backstrap that emulates the grip of a 1911 style pistol. This gun will feature night sights as opposed to the fiber optic sights in the video and also features some controls not always found on striker fired pistols. The FNS-9 has a thumb operated safety and ambidextrous slide catch and magazine release for both right and left hand use. FNH has also included a trigger safety, firing pin safety, drop safety and out of battery safety. Check out the FN FNS-9 pistol here!

Ken Pfau of FNH USA gives us a exclusive first look at the new FNS-9 Striker Fired Pistol.

To read more about the FNH FNS-9 Striker-Fired Pistol visit:

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  1. Lt. Donn says:

    Did we notice how he tried to fire the first shot but the safety was on??? and THAT folks is why you DO NOT want a slide safety in a self-defense situation

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