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Taurus 92-Stands The Test Of Time

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Taurus PT92

Taurus PT92

Here’s a video review of the Taurus model 92 semi-automatic pistol. The Taurus PT92 9mm pistol represents th

e flagship of the Taurus line of

semi-automatic pistols and has been for nearly 30 years. Taurus took over the Beretta factory in Brazil in 1980 complete with machine equipment and technical drawings for the Beretta Model 92. After making a couple of changes in the design, Taurus began manufacturing their version of this great handgun. The PT92 features a 5 inch barrel in the open slide design that is so unique to these pistols. The Taurus version of the gun moves the safety/decocker to the frame from the slide and includes a magazine capacity of 17 rounds. This is a large frame gun and can be carried fairly comfortably but since it is also a metal (alloy) frame instead of polymer, it does have some heft to it. This gun is the first pistol I ever purchased as an adult and I’m still in love with it. It’s a great gun! Check out the Taurus PT92 pistol here!

Taurus Firearms

9mm PARA Pistol (Based on the Beretta 92) – Amateur Review” />

Please comment if you know more about guns and I said something wrong. I am confident in what I know, but am still a “learner” when it comes to guns.

This is an excellent gun that is easy to control and extremely reliable. I have never had a FTF (failure to fire) or FTE (failure to eject) with this pistol in the time I have owned it.

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