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Beretta Neos Review

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Here’s a good review of the Beretta Neos U22 22LR semi-automatic pistol.   This futuristic looking handgun from Beretta is very well thought out and meant to be an entry level gun for young shooters and new shooters.  The Beretta Neos features a polymer frame and a steel slide and barrel which at 6 inches gives a sight radius of almost 9 inches.  No wonder this pistol is so accurate!  The Neos is built in modular fashion with 5 main assemblies that can be dissasembled, serviced, swapped, or whatever and there are a multitude of options for the gun including a carbine conversion kit.   Check out the Beretta Neos U22 pistol here!

Beretta PX4

I love this gun! Thousands of rounds…no jams…no stovepipes. I wish I could say the same for my Ruger Mark II and Mark III 22/45. I forgot to include a shooting segment. You can see me fire it on the video response to this video.

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