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Taurus PT909 VS PT911 Review

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This video review is of my own Taurus PT909 9mm semi-automatic pistol.  I’ve had this particular gun for about 2 months and have put about a thousand rounds through it.  It has performed flawlessly 99.9% of the time and the .1% it didn’t I could directly attribute the issue to my mistakes.  Let me start by saying that this is a super-sexy handgun.  The frame is an alloy with a brilliant stainless or nickel type finish while the slide is stainless steel with the top of the slide brushed to reduce glare when using the sights.  The Taurus PT909 comes with two 17 round magazines for plenty of firepower and the accuracy of this gun is dead-on.  The PT909 fits well in a Fobus SP11B holster and the large dot on the front sight makes target acquisition quick and easy.  The Taurus PT909 is similar to the PT911 in that it has a 4 inch barrel, safety/decocker, and is hammer fired, but features a tactical rail and a curved backstrap.  The PT909 also uses 17 round magazines compared to 15 round magazines for the PT911.  The Taurus PT909 is still available at some gun shops and even some of the online gun retailers.  I picked mine up from a gun shop advertising on the GunsAmerica website.  Check out the Taurus line of handguns here!

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  1. […] of handguns he owns. The pistols are really nice! The gun in the video is pretty blinged out but my stock PT909 (identical gun) has the black rubber grips, stainless finish alloy frame and brushed stainless […]

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