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Para Ordnance Warthog .45ACP Pistol Review

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Video overview of the Para Ordnance offerings including the Warthog .45ACP semi-automatic pistol. The Warthog is one of the smallest .45ACP semi-automatic pistols on the market today. The design is a compact 1911 style and the magazine has an astounding 10 round capacity. The Para Warthog has the typical 1911 operating features such as a thumb safety, grip safety, and single action trigger. The take-down is a mix of traditional 1911 and more contemporary semi-autos but very quick and easy. The Para Ordnance Warthog is perfect as a CCW (concealed carry weapon) choice with its 3 inch barrel and you’ll be hard pressed to find another gun with 10 rounds of .45ACP at your fingertips. You can check out the Para Ordnance Warthog pistol here!

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