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Taurus PT945 Review

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Review of the Taurus PT945 semi-automatic pistol. The 900 series pistols from Taurus are like works of art, especially the stainless finish guns. These handguns are alloy framed with steel slides and although on the heavy side, they feel great in the hand. The PT945 is chambered in .45ACP., is double action/single action and features an 8 round magazine. The Taurus PT945 has a frame mounted safety/decocker and is hammer fired for those “old-fashioned” shooters out there. Taurus also includes their security system on all their pistols that effectively locks the action of the pistol. The PT945 frame does not include a tactical rail (hence the tactical light held on with electrical tape) but it is a great pistol. Check out the Taurus PT945 pistol here!

Taurus Firearms

Just a little Review on the Taurus PT945. One of my first reviews so pls dont bash me LOL!!!

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