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Taurus PT609 Pro Review

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Video review of the Taurus PT609 9mm semi-automatic pistol. The PT609 has a polymer frame, steel slide with fixed sights and is double action only. It features a 13 round magazine and a 3.25 inch barrel. The Taurus PT609 is the 9mm counterpart to the PT638, Taurus .380ACP pistol in the 600 series. These pistols are not overly available but they can be found here and there from retailers to the secondary markets like From what I’ve been able to glean from the web, the 600 series was not widely released in the US market but was primarily sold abroad or in South America. The 600 series pistols seem to be very similar to the Millennium line from Taurus with a few changes. The Millennium Pro pistols are double action/single action and do not have an accessory rail as the 600 series do. Check out the Taurus PT609 pistol here!

Taurus Firearms

My black friday purchase of 2010. Taurus compact 9mm was a great addition to my growing collection.

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