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Ruger SR22 Pistol Review

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Real nice review of the Ruger SR22 .22LR semi-automatic pistol. This Ruger is a .22LR blow-back design featuring a polymer frame and lightweight aluminum slide that keeps the weight of this gun at about 17-18 ounces. The Ruger SR22 holds 10 rounds in the magazine and the magazines come with interchangeable base plates for either a flush fit or an extended grip plate. This handgun also features interchangeable grip inserts for a custom grip. I personally like the fact that companies like Ruger are producing .22LR pistols that are similar in dimension to pistols of higher caliber. It helps with carryover skills when training with the smaller caliber guns. These Ruger SR22’s are new on the market and often on backorder so go ahead and get your name on the list. You can find the Ruger SR22 here!

Ruger SR22


Jeff Quinn ( ) tests the new Ruger SR22 Compact 22 Long Rifle Semi-Automatic Pistol.

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