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H & K P2000 Pistol Review

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Review of the Heckler & Koch P2000 compact .40S&W pistol. The P2000 is H&K’s compact version of the USP and is a good CCW (concealed carry weapon). The P2000 has taken styling cues from the USP and has refined them such as taking the “blocky” slide and trimming its corners and edges a bit as well as trimming the control levers. This handgun also needs no safety/decocker lever since it is a double action (the non-LEM models have a decocker function on the hammer) and the slide catch and magazine release are truly ambidextrous. The weight of this gun is only an ounce more than the Glock 19 which is often cited as the standard for compact comparison and it has a 10 round capacity. Check out the H&K P2000 pistol here!

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HK P2000. Heckler and Koch’s attempt to the perfect concealed carry pistol. Weighing in at 22 ounces (Glock 19, the benchmark for concealable double stack 9mm’s weighs 21 ounces comparatively) the P2000 is a great balance between suitable firepower and lightweight concealability. With a magazine capacity of 13 rounds in 9mm, the P2000 also can hold its own in the capacity race.
A slimmed down and more ergonomic version of the USP compact, the two guns share a lot of similarities of which include the exact same magazine, similar style magazine release, slide release, and trigger. Controls are almost a mirror image for left handed and right handed shooters. Gone is the blocky slide, with the p2000 slightly dehorned and rounded slide profile. The safety/decocker has also been moved to the rear of the slide on all non-LEM models. Adjustable backstraps are really helpful for shooters with smaller hands. Recoil is similar if not less when compared to similar pistols (Glock 19, Springfield XD9, Sig p250) and full sized pistols (P226, Ruger Sr9).

Trigger pull on standard versions can be less than ideal. HK trigger pulls have long time been noted to be in needed of much work: heavy Double Actions, ambiguous feeling Single actions. LEM triggers benefit from a smooth and light DA however reset is long almost close to a Traditional Double Action.

Gun balances very well although this is fairly easy to do on a small conceal carry piece. The HK sights come up the fastest for me only behind Sig Sights. (I believe this is due to the High bore axis placing the sights high above the hand hold.)

Pros: Lightweight, Good amount of firepower, Reliable, Soft-recoil, concealable, Double-strike capability, ambidextrious

Cons: Trigger feel is mediocre, premium sticker (expensive gun, mags, accessories), accessory support is weak when compared to Glock, Springfield, and Sig, and everyone will think you’re a HK fanboy who doesn’t know how to handle a ‘real’ gun.

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