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Walther P38 vs Beretta M9

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This is a really interesting video review of the Walther P38, the German service pistol of WWII. The reviewer does a great job comparing the Walther to the U.S. Military service pistol, the M9 or M9A1 from Beretta. As you look a little closer, thanks to the video, you can start to see the similarities between the two and it’s easy to see how the Walther P38 influenced the design of the Beretta. As I watched the comparison, I imagined the protruding barrel of the Walther being cut down and voila, it looks very nearly identical to the Beretta with its open slide, locking block mechanism, and overall dimension. You can still find some WWII era Walther P38’s on the market and on sites such as Impact Guns and The Beretta Model 92 can be found here!

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The Walther P38 is one of the more influential pistol designs of the 20th century, one which is often times overlooked. Many handguns today use features originally found on the Walther P38 pistol of the World War II era. The Walther P38 even influenced the design of the US military M9 and M9A1 service pistols.

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