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Taurus PT100 & PT101 Review

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Video review of the Taurus PT101 .40S&W semi-automatic pistol. The Taurus PT101 is the .40S&W version of the PT92 or PT99, both in 9mm. The differences in number designations usually refers to the type of sights on the gun, fixed or adjustable. The PT101 has adjustable sights while the PT100 has fixed. These handguns typically come with a 10 or 11 round magazine and are modeled after the Beretta Model 92 that served the U.S. Military so well since 1985. The big difference in the Taurus models are the frame mounted safety/decocker as opposed to the slide mounted controls of the Beretta. This pistol has the same open/skeletonized slide design and drop block locking block seen on the Beretta. The Taurus PT101 and PT100 are terrific guns for the money and since they utilize the larger .40S&W round they certainly appeal to those folks who desire “more stopping power” from their guns. Check out the Taurus PT100 and 101 here!

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*****NEW VIDEO REVIEW********

Taurus PT101 P .40 cal, Brand new gun I just picked up from Academy Sports at a rediculous price. This is my first handgun and I think I got a winner.

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