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Hi-Point C9 9mm Pistol Review

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Video review of the Hi-Point C9 9mm semi-automatic pistol. These guns are American Made in Ohio and are definitely on the lower end of the cost scale, typically below $200. They are a bit heavy and you can see that the slide is a monster but very easy to grip and helps with recoil a bit. The barrel of the Hi-Point C9 is fixed to the frame which helps with the accuracy of this handgun. The sights are adjustable/removable, and it’s size would indicate that it might be a good CCW (concealed carry weapon) although the weight might not be ideal. The capacity of this gun is 8 rounds and Hi-Point has a lifetime transferable warranty. Check out the Hi-Point C9 pistol here!

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This is a review of the Hi-point 9mm compact pistol, including pro’s, con’s, customer service, and potential problems and their related fixes. Enjoy!

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