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New Pistols From Taurus

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Taurus Firearms has added a number of new pistols to their line for 2012.   Taurus always comes through with great neTaurus DT Hybridw designs that revolutionize the semi-automatic pistol market.

The Taurus DT Hybrid is a new series of pistols that feature a “polymer over steel frame” for a light-weight balanced pistol.  This helps with both accuracy and ease of shooting.  The DT Hybrid will be available in 9mm and .40S&W and has many of the standard features typical of Taurus Firearms.  The DT features a frame mounted safety and a trigger safety and their “strike two” capability.  It also has adjustable sights, indexing pads on the frame and is available with a blue or stainless slide.

Taurus DT Integral


The Taurus DT Integral is another new pistol that features the polymer over steel frame for light-weight and better response and balance.  The DT Integral is available in .380ACP, 9mm, and .40S&w and features the manual safety and trigger safety like many of the handguns in the Taurus line.  The DT Integral also features interchangeable backstraps for a custom fit.  Adjustable sights and indexing pads round out the features of this cool new gun.



Taurus 800 Compact

The Taurus 800 Compact series is a definite home-run in my opinion.  The full-size 800 series pistols are very popular and reliable by all accounts.  Taurus took their award winning 24/7 series and gave it a hammer in response to consumer demand and the result was the 800 series of semi-automatic pistols.  Taurus has upped the ante with the compact version of this great pistol.  All the features of its big brother in a smaller size with a 3.5 inch barrel and each 800 compact comes with a flush fit magazine and an extended high capacity magazine.

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