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Taurus 738 TCP .380 Pink Pocket Pistol Review

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Pretty nice review from of a pink Taurus TCP 738 Pocket .380ACP pistol. Getting past the pink color (which may be perfect for some shooters), it’s a pretty well made gun. I really had to resist typing “Pretty in Pink” in that last sentence. This handgun is a .380ACP or 9mm short and is the perfect size for a CCW (concealed carry weapon). It has a very slim profile which also cuts down on the firepower at hand since it uses a 6 round single stack magazine. The thing that I find to be a great feature on this pistol is the function of the slide locking open after firing the last round. I honestly don’t know why other manufacturers don’t include this function that is basic to just about every semi-automatic pistol on the market. Check out the Taurus 738 TCP pistol here!

Taurus Firearms

A review of my wife’s pink Taurus TCP 738 Pocket pistol. There are a lot of bad reviews and talk about this pistol but we didn’t have very many problems after about 100 rounds

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