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Review Of The Taurus PT-22 And The Smith & Wesson M61-2

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This review focuses mainly on the Taurus PT-22. Part one included the shooting review of the Taurus PT22 and the Smith & Wesson M61-2 and we learned that the Taurus has a 8 round magazine while the Smith & Wesson has a 5 round magazine. this video goes a little deeper and demonstrates some of the features of the Taurus PT22 such as the tilting barrel. this doesn’t just tip a little like many semi-automatic pistols these days, the PT22’s barrel tilts open like a shotgun barrel. Other feature include a thumb safety and a magazine disconnect safety. Rugersix makes a slight error when he describes the Taurus Security System as a safety. The manufacturer specifically warns against relying on the security lock as a safety as it cannot be quickly disengaged. More on the Taurus to come in Part Three. You can see the Taurus PT22 here!

Taurus Firearms

In Part Two we mainly focus on the Taurus PT-22.
More on the Taurus to come in Part Three.

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